May Monthly Challenge Highlights #3.

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Play along with our monthly challenges, you can earn points and win a guest Creative Team spot for a month!

Welcome to the May Scraplift Challenge by Vissarah

For this challenge, you have got to scraplift a layout that I’ve chosen from our gallery. The layout does not have to be an exact copy, just let it inspire you and see what you end up with.

Here’s the layout that I have chosen:

Layout by Vissarah.

Layout by chigirl.

Welcome to the May Random Challenge by danesa

This month’s theme: “In Stitches.” Journal about a moment in life when you were “in stitches.” It could be literally or figuratively. You need to use a stitching element on your page.

Here are some ideas to get you started.
Literally: Stitches from cut wounds, surgery, etc.
Sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, embroidery, etc.

Figuratively: Laughing uncontrollably, as in laughing so hard you get a “stitch” (pain) in your side.
“Stitch in time saves nine” … a time when you solved a problem right away so
it didn’t become a bigger problem later.

Have fun and don’t forget you need to journal and use a stitching element on your page.

France led us to this wonderful “Digital Stitching” tutorial by Suzie. If you’d like to make your own stitching, check out this tutorial.

Layout by danesa.

Layout by mimisgirl.

Welcome to Wednesday!

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Don’t you just love a mid-week sale? Here we are at Wednesday, again (huh?! didn’t we just have a weekend … or something?!), and it’s Wonderful Wednesday in the MScraps store. As with each and every week, there’s a ton of kits on sales – two pages’ worth! The designers have put collections, kits, and some papers or elements … a bunch of things to pick and choose from here (some commercial-use items, too). Here’s this week’s sneak peek of just sampling of what’s available today at 50% off:


Remember, that’s not everything – you’re going to have to stop by the store to check out the full selection. Also, don’t forget that part two of the designer collab. for this month, Birdsong, will drop right into your cart when you spend $7 or more in one shopping trip (assuming your purchases qualify):


You were taking notes, right, as you were reading this post? No?! Okay, let’s recap: there’s a bunch of kits on sale, 50% off, just for today … and if you spend $7 or more, you get the second part of the store collab. for free. Got it? Good.

Now … shop and create!

Let’s Play a Game!

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Hi everyone – Katherine again!  Every two weeks, MScraps has a Featured Designer, someone who has some awesome bargains in their store, just for a limited period of time. So, who’s getting featured now?  Meta Wulandari!


Meta’s sale runs from May 15 (yes! it’s already started – but you knew that, right?!) through to May 28 – and everything in her store is 40% offAll 10 pages in the store – a whopping 200+ kits from papers to elements to brushes to templates … everything! *sigh* I love a good sale … wish my budget was as big as I’d like it to be. Do you have a scrapping budget?  How about if I could give you a way to stretch those dollars just a little further?

Welcome to our first Featured Designer game!  These will run Monday through Sunday of a designer’s first week of their two-week feature, with a prize given at the end. Yes, a prize!  Meta will be giving away a $5 coupon to her store for the winner of my game. I know … I know … you’re like, “What game?!  Tell me!”  Patience.  Patience. Got to give you all the details, first – you know, the rules and stuff. Here’s how this works … our game is a scavenger hunt. Below you will see little sneak peeks to nine of Meta’s kits in the store. PM me with your guesses on the kits – don’t post them here on the blog, just PM so nobody else knows your answers – or email me. Next Sunday, May 24 at 5:00 pm (MST), I’ll take all the correct entries and drawn a random winner of the coupon. Easy, right?

Remember, private message me your answers before Sunday night (look for AussieKat in the forums/message boards – click on my name to send a message) or email me.  Ready?  Good luck … now, go!!

Scavenger Hunt - meta

Memory Standouts May 17th, 2015

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It’s time for a fresh set of Memory Standouts!

Congratulations to all the scrappers who have their pages featured here!

You are all in the running to be picked as  May’s Memory Standout.

The winner will receive a gift certificate to the store!

This week’s layouts have been chosen by: heathert.

heathert’s gallery and heathert’s shop

Ooh, what a glorious time of year to be looking at layouts! I love these “in between” seasons… Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and Autumn in the Southern. Let’s see what popped out at me this week:

Dady’s “Pélicans” is amazing! Check out the way cool “out of the frame” technique. Lovely clean page, too:

-san-’s super-adorable BFF page struck me with its sweet spring colors and the contrast between those and those bold stars:

Tissie12 made a super-interesting page about the Titan arum. I really liked the illusion of the no-background!

TCOT’s page jumped out at me for its glorious color and profusion:

Finally, an explosion of PINK from Anika–just a great way to celebrate Spring!

Hope you’re enjoying your transitions!

Creating an Action in Photoshop Tutorial

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Do you ever wonder how some digi layouts you see online just seem to pop out at you……..well here is a great technique to enhance your page image, by creating an Action in Photoshop. You can also create other Actions for photoshop techniques you often use. It saves time and keeps your digi pages consistent.

This tutorial was written by Suzie Griffith and can also be found here in the MScraps Forum.


TUTORIAL: How to create an action (sharpen for web)
For those not familiar with Actions in Photoshop, these are pre-set steps which can be “played”. For example, one of the most common “actions” we all do is SAVE FOR WEB. So, you save as psd, flatten, save as jpg for the photobook and then go through all the hassles of re-sizing, sharpening, flattening and saving for web. Well, frankly, it’s a pain doing that every time to every page and let’s not go into the time that takes!!
Well the good news is that you can make your own action for this – and indeed anything else you want to save – perhaps sharpening or black & white, etc. It will be done in a fraction of the time!!
You can buy lots of actions and some are fabulous but others you could probably do it manually yourself. I have downloaded a freebie ‘sharpen for web’ action and I have also bought one. Neither (to me) was any good. Too much distortion in sharpening I think…..!So, to show you how easy it is to record your own action, I will make a “Sharpen for web” action – feel free to copy it. Please note that this is my way of sharpening for web, so feel free to jump in and change accordingly to your version.
You can find Actions under the WINDOW heading shown here or you may want to bring it into your workspace like I have shown above. WINDOW>ACTIONS
The symbols at the bottom of the Actions palette from square to the bin are: Stop, record, play, new set, new action and delete. Click on the 4th one, highlighted here, ‘new set’ and rename as I have done above.


Next you will need to create an action. Click on the second to last symbol “Create new action” Click on the 5th one, highlighted here, ‘create new action’ and rename as I have done here. Now you will need to ‘record’ this part.
So play record – what you do from now will be recorded. It doesn’t record time, so TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT SLOWLY!!
go to LAYERS at the top of your screen.
Press STOP (the square)

If you make a mistake, click on the action and delete by pressing the rubbish bin. If you need to delete all and start again, just press the little circle (record) when you are ready.
To test this action works, just control/command alt Z until you have your layers back and just press the play button.
Once you are happy, rename your flattened layer – you can’t record this as obviously it will be different name each time :glis:

Next we’ll need to re-size our 12×12 (3600px x 3600px) image. I always go to 600×600 pixels for web images. Click on ‘NEW ACTION’ and re-name I named mine “re-size 600×600”.
Press record
Type over the pixel size to 600×600 and click OK
Press STOP

Now Control alt Z until you have the large image back and just play your new action to check it works.

When you are happy we will need to sharpen our image. I use the high pass method, which I think most people do. I hear and read different blending modes for the high pass though so you do what you usually choose. I use the Linear Light mode.
Click on ‘NEW ACTION’ and re-name I named mine “sharpen”. If you are unfamiliar with this method, please just follow my lead without recording to check it suits you. Then go ahead and record with any changes you like.
Here’s what I do: Control J (or command J) to create a new copy of the layer, Control 0 (to bring smaller image to full screen size) FILTER>OTHER>HIGH PASS Type in 0.4 in the High pass drop down. OK. Back in the layers palette (your new copied grey layer should be selected now) under blending modes (set to normal), click the drop down menu and click on Linear Light. Then LAYERS>FLATTEN.

So, after you are happy, go ahead and record it:
Press record
Control J
Control 0

Back in the layers palette:
Press STOP

Now Control alt Z until you have the large image back and just play your new action to check it works.

Here’s my action set:

I broke this action up into 3 so you could re-name your page inbetween but if you don’t want to rename the full size jpeg then just continue recording.
Here is a side by side comparison of the sharpening:

Used: Pink Poppy Press’ new kit ‘A touch of Pink’ out this Friday

May’s Monthly Challenge Highlights #2.

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Play along with our monthly challenges, you can earn points and win a guest Creative Team spot for a month!

Welcome to the May Typography Challenge by heathert

This month I’d like to focus on handwriting–handwriting typefaces are ALWAYS in demand in scrapbooking–especially when you have a lot of journaling to do! I thought I’d give a little overview of handwriting, too–did you know that even if a country uses the Roman alphabet, that it’s likely their handwriting still differs from that of the US?

For example, in French-speaking Switzerland (where I grew up), we don’t link the bottom of the p to the stem:

French in France also do the same, but this particular handwriting (probably no longer at the elementary level) combines printing and script:

And Italian:

If you go looking for handwriting typefaces somewhere like, you’ll find dozens of pages of them. The things to keep in mind are:

1. What are you using it for? Is it just the equivalent of a note on the margin of a photo — quick and slapdash? Or is it for a long spate of journaling, in which case you’ll want it to be as legible as possible — look for a fairly large x-height and longer stems.

2. Is it a female or male writing? The latter tends to be more angular and less uniform.

3. Is it happy or sad writing? Handwriting that slants left tends to be interpreted as more depressed handwriting.

4. Are you going to be using apostrophes and punctuation, or even diacritical marks (accents)? Make sure that font actually has that–they don’t all!

5. Don’t confuse handwriting, and calligraphy. Calligraphy is beautiful, but we’re just not going to use it for this particular challenge.

Here are a few examples of typographical posters using handwriting:

This designer features a little bit of handwriting in his poster about skating Barcelona:

and here’s another (“hello”):

The following, however, is calligraphic handwriting, which we are NOT using for this challenge (even though it’s beautiful indeed!):

Layout by heathert.

Layout by France.

Welcome to the May 2015 Every Little Bit Challenge by MissK

For this challenge one of our designers creates a freebie mini kit.
Your challenge is to use every little bit (all papers and elements) in this kit to create your layout.
You may duplicate papers/elements, you may add a title and some journaling, but you cannot add anything else!

Here’s the mini kit that you will be working with this month:

Sandy, from Key Lime Digi Design has designed this gorgeous mini kit for us this month.
Check out her store >>>HERE <<< for more awesome products.

Layout by MissK.

Layout by TCOT.

Isn’t it Wonderful? (Wednesday’s that is!)

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Hi everyone! It’s Katherine here … and my first blog post with MScraps. Be gentle, okay? Actually, I’m thrilled to be writing a few things for MScraps as a recent new addition to the team! I already know many of you from the forums, and from around digiland; I even know some of the designers (perhaps better than they’d like).

See that heading to this post?  Wonderful Wednesday. It’s hump day … almost, but not quite the weekend. That’s reason to celebrate, right? Well, how about a little retail therapy (always a good thing) with some great deals in the store, too?  A few new things, some not-so-new. Bargains. Bargains at 50% off just for today!  There are more than 20 kits on sale today (don’t miss that second page!), some personal and some commercial use items.  Want a sneak peek?


Wonderful Wednesday - May 13 2015

Okay, so that isn’t quite everything (too many goodies to put in one post), but it’s a good selection of what’s available today – remember, on sale today only!  Also, don’t forget — load up that shopping cart and when you spend $7 or more at the shop (in one go), you’ll also receive Part 1 of the May designer collaboration, Birdsong, for free! You can only get this part of the collab through Friday, so what better opportunity to grab some sale items and get the kit, too! The free kit will be placed in your cart automatically if your total purchases qualify.



Happy shopping! I’d love to know what you grabbed in the store – and when you create something, share … link us up to your gallery post so we can leave you some love!

May – Current Weekly Challenges

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Hi everyone! Ona here to bring you the latest on our current Weekly Challenges as Mscraps.

We currently have Challenges 2 and 3 active in the forum and they are both fabulous and easy challenges so I hope you will come play with us and be in the running to win a $5 coupon from an Mscraps designer!

Challenge #2  (May 7 – May 13)

ScrapbyYvonne has challenged you to use a specific font on your layout.

It’s a script type font and I love how our challenge players have been using it on their layouts!

Take a look at this from from Ga_L entitled Fete des meres - I love how her page design and the font really sets the page off! Along with that lovely photo of course!

A random winner will be selected at the close of the challenge on May 13th and will win a $5 coupon to Marta Design’s store!


Challenge #3 (May 11 – May 17)

For this terrific challenge, Mijo has challenged players to create a layout mixing at least one Mscraps freebie with a  regular Mscraps product! You can’t get an easier challenge than that!!

Yvonne’s sample page for the challenge features a freebie from Heather T. Designs and is mixed with various products from Meta Walundari – beautiful mix of products to create a stunning page!

A random winner will be selected at the close of the challenge on May 13th and will win a $5 coupon to Dúnia Designs store!

I really hope that you will join us in the challenge forum! Come and have some laughs and be in the running to win a great prize! See you there!!

Memory Standouts May 10th, 2015

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It’s time for a fresh set of Memory Standouts!

Congratulations to all the scrappers who have their pages featured here!

You are all in the running to be picked as  May’s Memory Standout.

The winner will receive a gift certificate to the store!

This week’s layouts have been chosen by: ChantalS.

Chantal S Gallery and Pretty Dutch Design’s Store

I scrap to keep memory by Ga_L
She made this layout for one of the great iNSD challeges. I love the clean and simple look. And that text is absolutely true.

I scrap to keep memory by thimbleberrie
This isn’t a layout but a siggy. I love the bird, the leaves, it’s just perfect!

Be you by Brinic
I love the colors she used. They match perfectly with the photos of that beautiful little girl. Less is more!

Remarkable by Dannie28
This is so beautiful. The colors are beautiful. I think it’s so cool that she used a photo of a sculpture. Everything is blended so nicely. Love it!

03_11_15-dance by Farrahjobling
I think this one is breath taking! The photo is beautiful. I love the composition. It’s so simple, so WOW!

LOVE by NBK Design
I think this one has to be printed on canvas! Beautiful! When I am looking at the layout it’s almost if I am looking into my dreams! (you have to click on the layout because Nicole posted the link to the video about how she created the layout)

Changing Mulitple Colors of an Element Tutorial

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Hi all!! I hope you had a great time during our iNSD celebration and were able to pick up all the goodies your heart desired.

Before I go much further, let me introduce myself. I’m Cheryl Fisher a new CT member here at MScraps and I’ll be posting tutorials for you every Saturday. The forum here has many tutorials and I’ll be selecting one to highlight every week. I will try to sneak in a couple of my own along the way.

If you’re new to digital scrapbooking or a seasoned digi artist, these tutorials will help hone your skills. I know I am always learning something new and finding ways to tweak my pages and/or photos. So…..lets get started!

Changing the color of an element is pretty easy if it’s just one color……….but what about the elements with multiple colors……well, it’s a bit more complicated but once you learn this technique you’ll be a pro at it! This tutorial was originally provided by Deca (Denise) who was a designer here at MScraps but has since retired. Hope she is doing well!

This tutorial is for Photoshop uses…………and lets get started!

1 – Open the file of your pattern/element and duplicate the image. Click OK. Select the layer of the pattern/element and if you need rasterize it.


3 – Leave the Colorize box unmarked. By default will be selected: EDIT=MASTER.

4 – Click on the arrow next to this and choose a different color from the one you want to change. I always choose the CYAN. Why I have to do this? To let the program specify the exact color that you want to change.

5 – You will notice that instead of MASTER in the box is selected the CYAN. Do not worry .. The color to be edited is not that .. I know .. Now with the dropper you will click right on the color you chose to change.

6 – In the box, now is written REDS2 (Who could guess that my brown would be edited from REDS!.The Selection with the dropper is to enable the program to choose the exact color that you want to change!)

7 – Now comes the best part. Slide the HUE little arrow and see your brown turn into another color!

8 – You can also change the saturation and brightness .. Use your imagination..

9 – Click OK.

10 – If you want to change another color of your element close the box and just start from step 2. You’ll have a completely different element from the original ..


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