Highlighting July Challenges #5.

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Welcome to Weekly Challenge #7 – July 24th, 2014 by MissK

Are you ready for another sweet Thursday challenge? Cecilia aka MissK here with a new weekly challenge: I love seeing all the pages you have been creating so far. So keep the creativity flowing!

Combining masks to make your own
Another element to use in your layouts are masks. Of course our awesome designers have some masks readily available for you. But here is the catch. I want you to combine some masks (2 or more depending on your mood) to make your own.
To make it easy here is the link for all the masks and overlays in the Mscraps’s store.

One of my favourite masks that I use over and over again are these ones by Erica Zwart Designz.
I combined 2 masks to make one.

Layout by MissK.

Layout by mimisgirl.

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge #8 July 28th to August 3rd by Romy.

our task is very easy: make a page inspired by this line:

Life Is Better On The Beach
Layout by Romy.
Layout by TanteEni.
Hi there! It’s Margje with another artsy challenge!
I love to make artsy pages! For me there’s nothing better than to play with masks, brushes, splatters, mist etc! When I am done with a page, I feel lighter somehow, it has become kind of a therapy, while at the same time I am learning and experimenting new techniques and I’m growing in my art. A mixed media page without all the mess, when you do it digital is so much fun! You can’t go wrong with it! It’s your art!!!
I also love to scrap on other formats too then the traditional 12 by 12 page!
For this challenge I want you to make an artsy page with the word CHANGE! And I want you to use another format then the usual 12 by 12.
Sample by Margje.
Which celebrity do people say…“You look just like!” 
Please share with us your CELEBRITY TWINBe sure to place two photos on the page- one photo of yourself and one photo of your celebrity look-alike. 
Layout by Scrapmemories.
Layout by mimisgirl.

Memory Standouts July 27th, 2014.

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It’s time for a fresh set of Memory Standouts!

Congratulations to all the scrappers who have their pages featured here! You are all in the running to be picked as July’s Memory Standouts. The winner will receive a nice prize.

This week,  Grace  {from Hat of Bunny} has picked 5 fabulous pages from the Mscraps gallery.
Don’t forget to visit her awesome shop and her designer gallery for inspiration.

Hat of Bunny Shop and Hat of Bunny Gallery

1. Lavender Wishes by jaycee51

This is not my style but I greatly admire people who can scrap this way! Love the softness of the page and the extracted baby sleeping on the branch. So sweet and peaceful!

2. Wishlist by jetjez

The stack of papers, the bold patterns used, the wood veneer arrows and paint work… all make this a very fun page to look at! I also like how the papers match the color of the photos.

3. Laduree on the Champs Elysees by crazycat1126

I love everything about this page: the dark background and the contrast of the stunning blue, the brush work that frames the photo like a carriage, and all those gemstones! Just magical all around.

4. Always by mimisgirl

Another LO with fantastic brush work. Love the black and white photo, the pink glitter paint, and the string that curls along the stamp. A simple layout that draws you in with the little details!

5. Jeep Fun by lkdavis

Last but not least, how fun is this layout? I was first drawn to it because of the wonderful extraction, then I noticed the fun word art behind it, and the film strip of photos, and the journaling that curves alongside underneath… wonderful and well-thought-out page design!

New Products – July 25

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It’s (almost) Friday! Time to show off our new goodies :)
Save 20% off all new products through the weekend!! (through July 27th)

Check out what’s new and on sale:
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Have a nice weekend!!


 Various Products
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Various Products
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Happy Go Lucky
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Duo Bundle
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Psyche & Cupid
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by Designs by Helly

Superb Summer
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by Pretty Dutch Designs

Can You See Me Now
20% OFF

by Wendy P. Designs

Berry Sweet
20% OFF

by Tami Miller

Watery Splashes No. 5
20% OFF

by Erica Zwart Designz

Elegant Model Releases
20% OFF

by Blue Flower Art


Painted Masks 9 & 10
20% OFF

by Heather T.

Various Products
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by Sekada Designs


Designs by Helly
Save 50% off almost everything in her shop through August 7th.

Highlighting July Challenges #4.

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Welcome to Weekly Challenge #5 - July 17 to 24th, 2014 by hondachicc.

Hello….How is everyone today? Ready for the Thursday challenge? I think I have something fun for you…I hope you will like it! I am challenging you to make a layout with some wordart and I want you to change it to make it your own. Recolor, clip a paper to it, add a filter…whatever you would like to do to it.

Layout by hondachicc

Layout by France

Welcome to Weekly Challenge #6 - 21 July – 27 July, by mijo.

Layout my mijo.

Layout by mimisgirl.

Monthly Challenge – July Scraplift Challenge, by scrappycharmer.

So excited to host my first monthly challenge here at MScraps. This is the Scraplift Challenge.

For this challenge, you need to scraplift a layout that I’ve chosen from Angel Jet’s gallery. The layout does not have to be an exact copy, just let it inspire you and see what you end up with.

Lifted this layout by Angel Jet.

Layout by scrappycharmer.

Featured Designer: Hat of Bunny

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Yippee! Hat of Bunny is our Featured Designer and you still have a few days to get in on her great sale!  She has such a gorgeous style and her ever-increasing number of fans just love her packed-full, fun kits.

   >>>>>Check out her shop<<<<<

>>>>>Browse her gallery<<<<<


Here are some of our faves from Hat of Bunny’s shop:

Memory Standouts July 20th, 2014

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It’s time for a fresh set of Memory Standouts!

Congratulations to all the scrappers who have their pages featured here! You are all in the running to be picked as July’s Memory Standouts. The winner will receive a nice prize.

This week, HeatherT  has picked 5 fabulous pages from the Mscraps gallery.
Don’t forget to visit her awesome shop and her designer gallery for inspiration.

Heather T Designs and Heather T Designs Gallery

And keep scrapping, because your page might be featured next week!


Hi! I’m here to bring you some eye-catching yumminess from our great MScraps gallery today!

First off, I’d like to recognize rfeewjlj’s awesome “Summer Days.” Love the use of the Jimbo Jambo template, the mix of small patterns, that great photo, and the wonderful journaling (and guess what–that’s her first layout ever at MScraps, too, I just realized!):

Here’s another awesome page, just popping with color and movement! Excellent contrast with the delicate black and white photo, Delightful by jaye:

Jacqueline brings us another super-colorful layout, called “Sweet”. I was entranced with the vivid color contrasted with the delicate lines of the swirls–and that sweet smile!

Still highly colorful (especially against that ghosted white background) but more pastel, MissK’s beautiful “Kiss”:

And finally, Family by breakingbrie, a really fun and cute layout with a ton of family selfies. Love how much wordart and journaling there is here:

Highlighting July Challenges #3.

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Weekly Challenge #3 by SOCO: July 10th to 16th

For this Weekly Challenge, I thought it would be fun to mess things up a little!

I’ve created a template and I mixed up all its pieces in the preview below. Your challenge is to download these shapes and use them to create your own template. Then you need to make a page based on it! Easy, isn’t it? You have to use every single piece of this messed up template and, of course, you may add all the extra elements you want!

Layout by Soco.

Weekly Challenge #4 by zwyck: July 14th to 20th

For this week challenge we´re going to do Black and White with a touch of one (1)color. It´s up to you which color you choose but it has to be just one (1) and the rest of your page must be in black and white.

Layout by zwyck.

Layout by patsyt.

July Monthly Typography Challenge by heathert.

This month I’m going to focus on using “Wild, Wild West” fonts–the old flashy display typefaces that used to be used on circus or Wanted posters. Just for fun!

This style of typeface is known as part of the “slab serif” family. This is also the same family that many typewriter fonts belong to: if you examine the serifs (the little stick-outy bits on many of the letters), you’ll see that instead of coming to a nice, curved point like they do in Times New Roman and similar styles, these are instead squared off little logs, or slabs.

One of the earliest of these fonts is Clarendon, a British typeface that was published in 1845. It was used in many of the Old West posters, and even by the US National Park service on its road signs for a while (the brown signs). Like many typefaces back then, the larger sizes were made out of wood (less heavy & costly than metal). A very cool history of wood types is available at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum .

Layout by HeatherT.

Layout by Margje.

Memory Standouts July 13th, 2014

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It’s time for a fresh set of Memory Standouts!

Congratulations to all the scrappers who have their pages featured here! You are all in the running to be picked as July’s Memory Standouts. The winner will receive a nice prize.

This week’s Gallery Standouts are brought to you by LJS Designs.

LJS Designs Gallery and LJS Designs Shop

It’s was my turn to choose MSO’s for the week, and what a job it was. There are so many gorgeous layouts in the gallery it was super hard to narrow it down to five, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

1. Family by JillW.

This page gets me on so many levels, I can’t stop staring at it. First off, I am dying to go to Paris so the Eiffel Tower snagged me right off the bat. Second, ahhh, that photo. As a amateur genealogist, I adore old family photos and that one is priceless. Finally, I love the cluster and the touches of gold that give this page a rich, vintage feel. I just love everything about it! Wonderful layout JillW!

2. chevaux by brinic

How cool is this page?!! I love her brush work and her photo effect, not to mention that gorgeous photo. This is one of those pages that is deceptively simple looking, yet just like the layers of photos, there is layer after layer of subtle brillance here. The perspective on the layered photos alone makes this outstanding in my book. brinic, I need you to teach me how to do this!

3. Too cute for words by robinismai

What caught my eye from the get go was that little guy’s precious smile; he looks so happy and hungry! I love how the brushwork on the background paper mimics the mess on his face and think she did a fabulous job on the cluster work surrounding the photos. The title and the word art, future heartbreaker, sum up my feelings for this layout perfectly; that face, and this page, are too cute for words! Wonderful work robinsismai.

4. Learning to Readby alannabanana

This one just popped out at me in the gallery! I love how playful the cluster feels and the way it moves across the page covering the entire width. I think her choice of wordart was perfect to reflect her daughter learning to read and I think the contrast between the movement on the page and the quiet concentration of her daughter’s face in the photo is a wonderful contrast. To me this page just celebrates the joy of reading. Fantastic layout alannabanana!

5. July 2014 Artsy Challenge by patsyt

I love a good quote and this one is great. I especially love that patsyt allows it to be the dominating focus of the page. I love how the quote is depicted — great font and great layout of words. To me, it has the movement and random feel of the wind constantly changing direction, yet is is still grounded and strong. Her artsy background is the perfect compliment to the quote and the splashes of red are very eyecatchin. patsyt, this is totally marvelous!

It wasn’t an easy choice, but there they are, five of my favorite layouts in our gallery this week. There are just so many beautiful things to see in the gallery here narrowing it down to these five took me three days. What a fun problem to have! Thanks everyone for sharing your talent with the Mscraps community! 

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It’s Wonderful Wednesday at Mscraps!!!!!
Save 50% off selected products (new and old) for 1 day only! (through Wednesday, July 9th)

Check out what’s on sale:
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Have a nice day!!


Various Products
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Invisible Masks
50% OFF

by Ange Designs

Cherish Collection
50% OFF

by iscrap

50% OFF

by Dunia Designs

Good Day
50% OFF

by Pretty Dutch Designs

Is For Love
50% OFF

by Sekada Designs


Various Products
50% OFF

by Tami Miller


Marta Designs
Save 40% off almost everything in her shop through July 10th!!

Highlighting July Challenges #2.

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Weekly Challenge #2 – July 7th to July 13th, 2014, brought to you by Julia. 

Hi, this is Julia with a new weekly challenge for you.
This time I thought about what’s a big challenge for me and it’s really white space!
I love to put elements and papers on my pages … more and more and more … cluster them and put some on the side and around my picture … put more elements on it. But this time it has to be simple as possible, only a few elements and only 1-2 big papers (paper strips count as elements  ) At first my cluster was to big, I have to resize everything! So if you also have problems with white space, this could help.

Layout by Mallemaus

Layout by Lis.

July Every Little Bit Challenge, brought to you by JillW.

Hello!! Happy July!! I’m happy to be hosting the Every Little Bit Challenge this month – I love the little kit we’ll be using – and I can’t wait to see what you create with it!!

For this challenge one of our designers creates a freebie mini kit.
Your challenge is to use every little bit (all papers and elements) in this kit to create your layout.
You may duplicate papers/elements, you may add a title and some journaling, but you cannot add anything else!

Here’s the mini kit that you will be working with this month:

Layout by JillW

Layout by caroline.

 July Inspiration Challenge, brought to you by vissarah.

For this months challenge I would like you to get inspired by this ad:

Layout by Vissarah.

Layout by Margje.


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